It has been 25 years since the iBorad was invented and patented by Valdi Ivancic. Several companies have followed trying to claim the technology and filed patent applications. So far none of them have been successful. One of theses is the French company Nemeio, claiming first they had patents, then Apple as customers, but none of that seems to have been true. Their products from 2022 are still monochrome and the keys and keyboards are poorly designed, basically like the first alpha-prototype from Intelligentia with LCD-displays from SEIKO in 1999.

Another company taking to this technology is presented 2023 with the PolyKybd, a highly configurable OLED mechanical keyboard project entering the final stretch.

The idea of a fully customizable mechanical keyboard with OLEDs on the keycaps is certainly enticing. Making it happen at a reasonable price is a challenge, but if the DIY kit can hit that goal, perhaps something similar will get picked up and mass produced by one of the bigger keyboard companies, even if they have tried already. There is a solution, says the original inventor Valdi Ivancic, but there is no company willing to collaborate, but all are rather looking to get the whole market to themselves since it is a multi billion market open for whomever manages to get out there with the best product.

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