Swedishkeys.com serves as the online hub for Intelligentia International AB, Swedish Keys LLC, United Keys Inc., and the iBoard, representing a collective of brands and companies. The iBoard, which originated from Sweden in the 1990s under the working name of Claveboard, was renamed due to concerns that its original moniker sounded too similar to “Clayboard.” The company responsible for the iBoard’s creation, Intelligentia International, collaborated with Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) scientists and students on a variety of cutting-edge projects, including intelligent mobile phone solutions, artificial intelligence, and more, mentoring over 100 students in the process.

Intelligentia International filed the initial patents for the iBoard technology, later relocating its headquarters to Silicon Valley in 2001 and adopting the name Swedish Keys. After a few years, the company rebranded once again, this time as United Keys, and was incorporated shortly thereafter. Valdi Ivancic, inventor and founder of the iBoard, held a major stake in the companies.